Donna Berber | President, Founder and Co-Chair

I am deeply passionate around the issues of injustices relating to poverty and women in Africa. I have a message to share with the world on behalf of the forgotten people and I see that as my primary role along with supporting and evolving the mission and its purpose. I see myself as the heart and soul at Glimmer.

I have a beautiful family, three incredibly handsome sons aged 23, 19 and 11. My role as a “mum” has brought me countless blessings, lessons and joy. I was born in London, England and my world was shaken as a young woman when I saw horrific images flash across my television screen from the Ethiopian Famine in the mid 1980s. My heart was torn apart and, unknowingly, my world changed forever. Several years later we moved to Texas and the call within became too loud to ignore and I was compelled to take action. From that, A Glimmer of Hope was born in 2000.

I believe we all have a shared responsibility to humankind to relieve some of the pain and the suffering in the world. I feel blessed to be on this path with others who inspire me every day The greatest inspiration, of course, being the rural poor in Ethiopia who live in abhorrent abject poverty with such dignity and grace.