Elif Iyriboz | Partner Relations

With excitement and gratitude I joined the Glimmer family in February of 2013. I met the Glimmer leadership team in Austin several years ago through a team-building workshop my consulting firm provided. Our work in Austin was a success, which led to my trip to Ethiopia to conduct workshops with the Addis team. This in my view was the “courting period” because I was already smitten with the people, the organization and their meaningful and effective work. It was not long after that the need to fill my current role came up. Without any hesitation, I whispered to Brian Cooper, “I can do that.” Three weeks later, Brian called me and asked if I was serious. Here I am.

My role at Glimmer consists solely of connecting people with the life-changing work that we do. A Glimmer of Hope is a vehicle for those who want to do something special and my job is to make that possible. We work closely with our Glimmer team in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and our Ethiopian partners to implement our programs. We start with basic survival: we provide access to clean water, quality education, health care and microfinance loans. Our ultimate goal is to transform lives by creating opportunities for sustainable self-sufficiency. At Glimmer, I have learned even though there are thousands of miles in between, the dream that you and a little girl in a village in Ethiopia share, is the same dream, under the same sky. 

Before becoming a part of Glimmer, I started Ascension International, a consulting company for leadership training and team building. This created the opportunity to travel and work with people around the world in settings that were both corporate and nonprofit. Prior to Ascension, I was occupied with raising two awesome human beings and teaching Meditation Workshops. I started off with a Masters in Applied Medical Anthropology.

Here are some personal notes. I’ve lived anywhere between two months to two years in the following places: Turkey, South Africa, London, Alaska, Ecuador and Singapore. I love to laugh, dance, be outdoors, read, learn, meet people, travel, try new things, and take part in spontaneous gestures of love. By nature: I am curious, a realistic optimist and an extra-extravert who loves to create villages for people everywhere.

One's life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion.Simone de Beauvoir