How do I apply for a grant?

Please download the grant application form from our website: [PDF]. Fill it out, and include any attachments that are required, and send us an electronic copy to and two hard copies to the address listed below.

Do you have a checklist for everything I need to turn in with the grant application?

Yes, it is at the end of the grant application form.

Is there a way to apply online?

Not at this time. We are currently working on developing this option.

How much is the grant for?

Glimmer Austin offers up to $20,000 for a first time grant.

What kind of organizations does Glimmer Austin fund?

We generally fund youth (ages 0-25) and seniors (age 60+). We fund programs in the areas of ‘list new sectors’. We generally look for new initiatives.

Am I required to have my 503(c)3 to apply?


How often does Glimmer Austin offer funding?

Twice a year/every six months.

What are the due dates for the applications?

Go to the ‘Instructions’ link in the top navigation above. Current application dates are listed next to “CYCLE.”

How many programs do you fund in each funding cycle?

We generally fund about 6 programs per cycle.

When will I hear back from Glimmer Austin about my application?

We will call you once the review process has been completed and a final decision has been made; about 2 months after the application due date.

Can I print out my application paperwork on two sides to conserve paper?

Yes, we encourage you to print out your grant paperwork on both sides of your paper to conserve natural resources. Make sure to make two complete copies of your application, and send them both to us.

Where do I send my hard copies and electronic copy to?

Hard copies:

Glimmer Austin
3600 North Capital of Texas Hwy.
Bldg B, Ste 330
Austin, Texas 78746

Electronic copy:

If I receive funding from Glimmer Austin, when will I receive my check? Do I receive all of the money at once?

You will receive your first check either on July 15th for the May 1st cycle, or January 15th for the November 1st cycle. You will receive your funding quarterly depending on your completed reporting for that quarter.

My application was not successful; can I get feedback?

Yes. We offer the option to discuss our feedback about your application and program either over the phone or in person depending on schedule availability.

If I have several programs that need funding, can I apply for more than one grant?


Can I submit an application for a program that has been previously declined?


Continual Funding Applicants:

If Glimmer Austin has already funded my organization, how do I apply for continual funding?

Please make sure that your final report for year one funding is in, and you have received your final quarterly payment. Please download the final project report form, which has the option to ask for continuing support (coming soon).

How much is continual funding, and for how long?

Continual support is offered for a second year, and only the second year, after your initial grant. Glimmer Austin offers up to $7,500 continual funding in one lump sum.