Harmony's mission is to enrich the lives of adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities through the power of art, music, and community.
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Texas is 49th out of 50 states in providing services for people with developmental disabilities. Harmony is needed now more than ever and continues to provide life-enriching programs five days a week to a population that faces limited resources or sometimes overlooked. Harmony is a community-based organization that is improving lives, advancing the well-being of the community, strengthening the economy, and lightening the burdens of government, taxpayers, and society as a whole.

Harmony conducts art and music enrichment sessions five days a week along with supported employment and job training through two social enterprises called Harmony Books, an online bookstore, and Harmony Thrift & Gift. The community helps Harmony meet its mission by making tax deductible donations of books and items for the thrift store.

To create social balance, Harmony stays connected to the community through regular art shows and music concerts where participants are given an opportunity to share their talents, sell their artwork, and be included in the community. Harmony also hosts a monthly dance party whose purpose is to give adults with disabilities a safe and secure place where they can dance, have fun and hang out with their friends on a Saturday night.  

Harmony has made a difference for so many adults with developmental disabilities, their families and caretakers. For some participants, Harmony is their whole life. It's a happy place to go everyday and do cool art projects, sing fun songs, dance, and develop meaningful friendships.

A special thank you Jim Innes and Chrislyn Lawrence for the lovely photographs of Harmony's participants. 


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