Ghisallo’s mission is to develop youth who safely and expertly integrate bicycling into their daily lives, to teach participants self-sufficient cycling skills, and to facilitate the experience needed for youth cyclists to be peer leaders.
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The Golden Rollers project is a collaboration between the Ghisallo Cycling initiative and the Conley- Guerrero Senior Activity Center in East Austin that provides an opportunity for adults aged 50 and older to engage in low impact, bicycle-based recreation, exploration, and transportation. The program uses three-wheeled adult trikes to enable riders of all skill levels to cycle the Boggy Creek Trail system and the Pedernales protected bikeway, which connect to neighborhood amenities like Rosewood and Metz Recreation Centers, the Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail, and HEB grocery store.

Seniors at the Conley-Guerrero attend an orientation class where they are tested for hand, leg strength and balance, provided classroom instruction, and given the opportunity to practice starting, stopping, turning, and obstacle avoidance. Participants can then attend trail riders led by instructors, center staff, and community members. Currently, there are eight trikes available, as well as two traditional bicycles so a staff member or volunteer can ride along with the Rollers. Helmets, pumps, and basic tools are also available for general upkeep and maintenance of trikes.

The Ghisallo Foundation goal is not only to provide Austin youth, and seniors with supervised access to outdoor physical activity, but also to help them develop into self-sufficient riders who have the skills and knowledge to use their bicycles for transportation.