A Glimmer of Hope Austin is a vehicle for Austinites to engage in philanthropy without having to do the burdensome task of sourcing, vetting, and monitoring non-profits they would like to contribute to. Donors can partner with Glimmer and rely on Glimmer Austin’s experienced staff and proven results to make sure their funds go entirely and directly to areas where they will have the most impact.

Our model is focused on social entrepreneurs that have proven they are committed to their cause and lack funding to get to the next level. Glimmer Austin acts as an angel investor, providing social seed capital to these nonprofit startups. Other foundations tend to wait until groups are more established, so without someone willing to fund their growth, many great organizations cannot get off the ground. Our mission is to fill the gap in seed funding and enable these groups to extend their reach even deeper into the Austin community to help more people.

Unlike many nonprofit organizations, A Glimmer of Hope Austin does not fundraise for operating costs. We were founded with a large endowment that provides enough money every year to cover ALL of Glimmer Austin’s operating expenses. Thanks to our 100% promise, donors don’t have to worry about how much of their money will get to the organizations they want to fund. It will ALL get there.

“We wanted to do things differently. By creating a model whereby 100% of all donations would go directly to development projects, Glimmer provides donors with a unique opportunity to put their money to its most efficient and effective use.” - Philip Berber, Founder